In Patient Procedures

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The date of surgery is confirmed according to the patient’s convenience and our booking.

Admission and discharge procedures
  • When the patient is ready to undergo surgery, patient is counselled in the respective clinics or in the general counselling room.
  • The patient is then directed to the admission counter where the advance payment can be made it he wishes. The patient gives consent for surgery at the time of admission. The inpatient record, continuation sheet and operation notes are attached to the patient’s case sheet. The patient is assigned a room at the admission counter.
  • The patient is sent to the respective ward along with case sheet.
  • In the ward, the co-ordinator enters the details of admission in the register and give the patient the assigned room.
  • Medical specialist examines each and every patient in their room.
  • All the samples for pathological investigation are taken at bed side.
  • The patient is sent for other required tests or procedures according to the type of surgery.
  • Instructions for taking the medicine are given by the ward nurse.
  • Preoperative counselling is done before the day of surgery.
  • After surgery, the ward nurse visits every postoperative patient and gives the essential instructions.
  • The ward coordinators on the respective floors provide postoperative counselling.
  • The patient is discharged as per the instructions given by the doctor.
  • Discharge summary is given to the patient at the time of discharge.
  • A reimbursement certificate is provided by the ward coordinators when the patient is discharged for those who must reclaim their money.