Out Patient Procedures


There is no appointment system for outpatient visits. The patients may enter the hospital any time during working hours. (8:00AM-3:00PM) Mon-Sat for OPD and (4:30PM-8:00PM) Mon-Sat for OT . Sunday remains closed.

General Waiting
Optometry Valuation
Doctors Consult

8.00 to 15.00, from Monday through Saturday for new patients and patients who have previously registered. Emergency cases will be seen at all hours excluding Sundays.

Out-patient procedures

The patients under goes a comprehensive eye examination. The procedure includes dilatation and other necessary tests, which are prescribed according to the condition of the patient’s eye. It may take 2 to 3 hours for a complete eye examination. If the patient is experiencing major complications, the examination may require a full day at the hospital.
Any patient who enters the hospital for the first time is called a new patient; any further visit by the same patient will be recorded as a review visit.Consultation fee is valid for seven days.

For new patients

When new patients enter Dhami eye care hospital for an eye check-up, they undergo the following procedures:-

At the registration counter

  • The patient is provided with an “identification file and OPD token no..” This file records the medical record number, date of first visit, and the patient’s name and address, diagnoses and treatment. The patients must bring their ID file each time they visit the hospital.
  • The patient record (case sheet) is created when the patient registers at the counter. The patient’s medical record is retained at the hospital and fed in computer.
Preliminary vision testing
  • The patient is sent with his case sheet for preliminary vision testing and check up.
  • After the preliminary vision test, the patient is escorted to the examination area.
  • All patients under the age of 15 years are tested for vision by specialists.
The patient is first examined by a doctor. Any of the following tests that are required are then conducted:
  • Finally, the doctor examines The compiled investigative report of the patient. If the doctor suspects that the patient has any complication, the patient is sent to the respective specialty clinic ( retina, glaucoma, uvea, orbit & oculoplasty, or cornea), depending on the nature of complication. If the patient has refractive error he is given a prescription for glasses or medicine.
  • If the patient has cataract or LASIK or any other surgery he is sent to the counselling department with advise for surgery. The patient can clarify doubts regarding the surgery, facilities and charges. The patients willing for surgery are directed to the admission counter. Patients can reserve a date for surgery in the counselling department on any date that is convenient for them.
For review patients
  • Patients must bring their ID file, which was provided to them during their first visit, to the hospital.
  • Patients must register at the registration counter.
  • The patients will be asked to wait in the reception area. As soon as his number comes, the patients will be called by the public announcement system and escorted to the respective clinics or units as recorded in the case sheet.
  • The other outpatient procedures for review patients are similar to those for new outpatients.