Various Refractive Procedure

Just like a fingerprint, no two eyes are the same That’s why the optimal visual result for your eyes can only be achived if your eyes are examined measured and treated uniquely and individually.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

PRK was the laser refractive procedure of choice prior to the development of LASIK. It involves applying the laser beam directly onto the surface of the cornea. PRK can be associated with more discomfort and longer convalescence than LASIK. However, it causes less thinning of the cornea and is occasionally preferable to LASIK.

Lasek (laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis)

LASEK is a modification of PRK where the epithelial layer of the cornea is gently separated from the underlying stroma prior to the laser ablation and then placed back into position. LASEK therefore resembles LASIK but without a thicker flap.

lasik and Customised Lasik

LASIK and Customised LASIK combine conventional surgery with sophisticated laser technology. LASIK corrects your eye condition according to the power of your glasses or contacts. Customised Lasik additionally analyses the way your eye focuses light and treats the unique imperfections detected in the analysis.

ICL (Implantable Contact lens)

A lens similar to a contact lens is permanently placed inside your eye. The lens does not alter any structures within the eye or on the cornea and can easily be removed or replaced if required. It is a perfect solution for people with extreme short or far-sightedness.

IOL (Intraocular Lens)

The intraocular lens is designed to reside inside the eye and replaces the patient’s own natural lens. This method is used predominantly on patients who are not suitable for LASIK and Customised LASIK. New multifocal IOL’s enable older patients to see at a range of distances, thus potentially eliminating the need for reading glasses.

Ck (Conductive keratoplasty)

CK is best suited for people over 40 years of age who had good vision until then. It is designed to eliminate or reduce the need for reading glasses.