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Dhami Opticals
The gift of vision is the best ever gift received from the almighty. Take advantage of this gift by having a clear vision to this beautiful world.

Dhami Opticals

Dhami Opticals provide a one-stop solution Optical Services for all the patients. You don’t have to go elsewhere for your optical as we provide quality product within our hospital to make it a hassle free process for you. We strive to make feel a holistic experience right from testing of eyes to the selection of glasses and frames.

Why Choose Us Over Others

How are we different from others?

There are some unique features that you will probably you will get at Dhami Opticals only.
  • Once you place an order to develop glasses according to your vision, It will not be given to you straight from the optical center but before you receive it, our optical head will send it to the concerned doctor who will reassure that it is made according to your vision requirements or not.
  • Well Qualified and trained optometrists who will also help you choose according to your profession and face type.
  • We also have computer demonstration to understand 40+ eye wear solutions.
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Polite and candid post sale services, in case you get any problem like your specs gets tilted or loose.

What we deal in with

All types of Eyewear for everyone’s need
Eye glasses & frames
Eye glasses & frames

All kind of Glass or Plastic Lenses and Leading brands of Frames and reading glasses

Lenses Range
Lenses Range

Leading brands of Lenses with tint, anti reflection coating, hard coat

Contact lenses
Contact lenses

Single Vision Lenses, Bifocal Lenses and Progressive Addition Lenses.

We have the perfect sunglasses variety that will go well with all face shapes.
Patient Reviews

Our Happy Patient’s Feedback

I was really scared of Refractive surgery, but Dhami Eye Care Hospital doctors were full of kind and decent people. It went well and overall

Sunil Shanan

My experience was really good. Today I came here to get treatment, I am very satisfied with the treatment.

Gurmeet Singh

I got my Lasik surgery done last week and my eyes feel like brand new now. It’s a painless and 15 minutes procedure. Dr. Dhami

Gagandeep Singh

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