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Helpline: +91-98155-30812

“Glaucoma” describes a whole group of diseases affecting the eye wherein owing to an unhealthy pressure within the eye.

What Happens In Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes raised pressure and the increased pressure in your eye, Called intraocular pressure, can harm your optic nerve. This is the nerve that sends images to your brain. If the damage worsens with time, Glaucoma can cause a permanent vision loss or even complete blindness.

The worrying thing is that most patients of glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain. Visit your eye doctor regularly so they can diagnose and treat Glaucoma before you have long-term vision loss.

Contact your ophthalmologist If you have a family history of Glaucoma or you observe any signs pointing towards Glaucoma to determine the right treatment option for you.

Get To Know If You Have Glaucoma

Glaucoma Symptoms

 Usually most people with Glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain. That’s why 50% people with glaucoma don’t even know they have it.  

Severe Eye or
Forehead Pain

Redness of the Eyes

Blurred or Foggy  Vision

Halos Around Lights

Have A Better Vision

Treatment Options

If you are diagnosed with Glaucoma, it’s really important to start treatment right away because treatment can stop it from getting worse. 

Prescription Eye drops

Oral Medications


Valve Treatment

Laser of Iridotomy


Here are answers to the questions that we are mostly asked about Glaucoma

Who is at the higher risk to Glaucoma?

If you are above 60 and also having a family history of Glaucoma. Having certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and sickle cell anemia can also be at risk to Glaucoma.

Can Glaucoma be cured?

Unfortunately No, Glaucoma cannot be cured. You can take preventive measures to stop further damage to your eye health and eye sight. The sooner you get it diagnosed, the better it will be.

Will I go blind from Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is known to cause blindness but it can be prevented. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, the damage can be controlled. If you don’t treat it at the right time that may result in complete blindness.

Is glaucoma always inherited?

Glaucoma can be inherited; genetic and hereditary factors are considered to play a key role in all major forms of glaucoma. In fact, everyone is at risk of developing glaucoma; individuals who have a family history of the disease are more likely to be affected.

Glaucoma Treatment in Ludhiana

Dhami Eye Care Hospital has the best Glaucoma eye specialists who are renowned for their expertise level throughout city. Our team has years of expertise in advanced surgical procedures that help treated glaucoma with positive outcomes.

We perform all types of modern eye surgeries. For Glaucoma, we are known for an efficient, devoted and quality eye care to our esteemed patients.

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