At Dhami eye care we aim to provide latest sophisticated high quality service to all. The commitment to quality is governed by guidelines laid by ISO 9001-2000 and maintained through regular procedured and customer service audits.

Dhami eye care team swiftly moves to fulfill following objective.
Patient Centered :

Dhami eye hospital is focused on providing customer satisfaction which is delivered by adhering to global standard methodologies in providing eye care services. Our well trained friendly warm staff’s sole motto is to provide services to the patients satisfaction. Our interactive feedback helps us to improve our grey areas if any and enhance value services to customers in future.

Staff training and update :

Dhami eye care hospital recognizes the importance of highly qualified team that is motivated to provide the highest quality of service to customers. To achieve these objectives the HRD continuously plans training program to impart knowledge on recent advances in medicine technology & best practice methodology to its staff members.

Public awareness :

Dhami eye care is committed to spread the light of awareness on various common eye diseases. We organize public awareness programmers which are under the expert eye of highly skilled professionals. Detailed educational material is distributed among the masses to take preventive and precautionary measures to maintain the highest standards
of health and well being.

Peer group orientation :

At our Hospital we understand the importance of team work to achive the desirable pace of advancement within the health care columns. We adopt interactive approach among all cadre of staff to help us improve our services, create a healthy work environment and advancement in research facilities.