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Helpline: +91-98155-30812

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What is Keratoconus and What happens In it?

Kerato refers to cornea and Konus means cone shaped. It is derived from Greek words. Keratoconus causes the cornea to gradually become thinner and bulge outward into a cone shape. It usually begins between the ages of 10 and 25 and can get progressively worse for 10 years or longer. It can occur in one or both eyes.

Get To Know If You Have Keratoconus?

Keratoconus Symptoms

You may observe the following symptoms

Distorted vision

Blurred vision



Eye irritation and itching

Recurrent spectacle power changes.

Mostly, Keratoconus patients experience changes in their eyeglass prescription every time they visit their eye doctor.

Start Seeing Better

Treatment Options

Restore your vision & restore your life with the most modern Keratoconus management options available today.

Prescription Eye drops

Oral Medications

Ologen Assisted
Filtering Surgery

Valve Treatment

Drainage Tubes

Blind Spots in Field of Vision


Here are some common questions about Keratoconus.

What happens if keratoconus is left untreated?
It may lead to permanent vision loss if keratoconus is left untreated.
How can keratoconus be prevented?
To prevent keratoconus:
  • Protect your eyes from UV radiation
  • Make sure contact lenses fits your eyes well
  • Get treatment for any kind of eye discomfort
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
Can I go blind by keratoconus?
Keratoconus cause low vision to an extent where you can face difficulty in daily tasks.
Is keratoconus serious?
It is a sight-threatening problem of eyes. It increases with time.
There are some rare complications that can be cleared by your surgeon if you will be prone to that.
How long does the entire procedure of keratoconus treatment take place?
The course of the keratoconus treatment can vary from patient to patient. With some patients, it can remain stable for years or indefinitely, while with some, it can progress rapidly or experience occasional exacerbations over a long and otherwise steady course. Most commonly, keratoconus progresses for a period of 10 to 20 years before it stabilizes usually by the third to fourth decade of life.
Can we say contact lenses an effective solution for keratoconus treatment?
Contact lenses for keratoconus are designed to enhance the level of vision when you use them. If lenses are well adjusted and treated, they do not worsen the condition.
Can keratoconus disappear on its own?
No, Keratoconus cannot go away on its own.

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