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Helpline: +91-98155-30812

Neuro Ophthalmology
Neuro Ophthalmology includes diseases of the nervous system that affect vision, control of eye movements, or pupillary reflexes.

What is Neuro-Ophthalmology?

In this visual system disorders like optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, papilledema, brain tumors or strokes and efferent visual system (e.g. anisocoria, ophthalmoplegia, diplopia, ptosis, blepharospasm, nystagmus, seizures of the eye or eye muscles, and hemi facial spasm) are treated.

When To See A Neuro-Ophthalmologist?

Neuro Ophthalmology Symptoms

Don’t neglect if you observe any of these symptoms

Having Trouble Moving Your Eyes

Having Tumors Compressing Visual Pathways

Develop Uneven Pupil

Sudden decrease or loss of vision or Lose Visual Acuity

Visual hallucinations

Sudden transient ischemic attack or eye stroke

Intractable headaches

Difficulty in identifying colors

Inability to tolerate bright light

Visual Field Defects

Squint or strabismus (especially adult onset)

Have A Better Vision

Treatment Options

The nerve fibers, if damaged, cannot heal on their own. You need to get treatment at the right time.

Corrective lenses

Botox injections for muscle spasms

Surgical procedures


Here are some common questions about glaucoma.
Who is a Neuro-Ophthalmologist?

A neuro-ophthalmologist is an eye expert, who diagnoses and treats eye disorders, relating to the nervous system.

When should I see a neuro-ophthalmologist?
Your optometrist may refer you to a neuro-ophthalmologist if they suspect a neurological disorder is contributing to your loss of vision or eye problems.
What is Optic Neuritis?

Optic Neuritis is swelling in the optic nerve of the eyes. The causes can be some eye injury or an autoimmune disease.

Can Neurological problems cause vision problems?
Neuro-ophthalmology disorders happen because of the conditions that affect the nervous system. These neuro-ophthalmology disorders can affect the functioning of eyelids, eye muscles causing double vision and optic nerve involvement causing visual loss. Our neuro-ophthalmologists in Delhi offer comprehensive clinical care to a broad spectrum of patients suffering from eye ailments.
Will the patient be awake during the Neuro Optic surgery?
What Neurological disease causes blurred or double vision?
Multiple sclerosis can affect nerves anywhere in your brain or spinal cord. If it damages the nerves that control your eyes, you may see double.

Neuro Ophthalmologist Treatment in Ludhiana

Trust Dhami Eye Care Hospital for your Neuro Optic Surgery. We have best Neuro Ophthalmologist who will examine you and make sure that the cause of the problem is identified as soon as possible and treated accordingly. Our Neurosurgeons in Ludhiana are highly expert in their work and they will guide you accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment or the process that will be carried out by our surgeons, please feel free to contact us.

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