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Helpline: +91-98155-30812

Smile Pro
Reclaim Perfect Vision in 9 Seconds. Go Glasses-Free with the World’s Fastest Laser Vision Correction Procedure

SMILE® PRO - Laser Vision Correction

Discover SMILE Pro, the world’s first robotic laser vision correction technology. The treatment now takes less than 10 seconds and is more comfortable than ever. Experience modern vision correction at its finest!

SMILE pro is the most recent advancement in laser eye surgery. It uses the same bladeless, one-step, one-laser procedure as SMILE. However, the use of the VISUMAX 800® laser technology halves the surgical time to 10 seconds. Because of the shortened surgery time, SMILE pro helps reduce patient anxiety during laser eye surgery.

Recovery is quick due to the minimally invasive, keyhole nature of the surgery. However, visual recovery for both procedures may take slightly longer to stabilise when compared to LASIK.

6 Reasons to love SMILE PRO ®

A journey from normal or bad to excellent vision

World’s First Robotic Laser Vision Treatment

A Laser Vision Correction that is Robotic, Flapless, Minimally Invasive, Gentle and Virtually Pain-free.

Quick and Proven

As the fastest laser in the vision correction history, it takes only 10 seconds to reshape your cornea. And the overall procedure takes just a few minutes.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

With the robotic precision, SMILE PRO is gentle and minimally invasive compared to other laser vision correction procedures. A keyhole incision as small as 2 – 6 mm is made for lenticule extraction.

Rapid Visual Recovery

Most people return to their normal activities the next day.

Freedom from Lenses

SMILE PRO is designed to eliminate your need for glasses and contacts.

Eye Strength

SMILE PRO patients benefit from long-term eye strength and corneal stability.

SMILE Pro works for High Myopic,
High Cylindrical Power and Astigmatism too!


  • <30 second procedure
  • Same day recovery
  • Model: VISUMAX 500
  • Non-Robotic
  • No AI


  • < 9 second procedure
  • 3-hour recovery
  • Model: VISUMAX 800
  • World’s first & only Robotic
  • AI driven technology


Tiny incision instead of flap: The ReLEx smile procedure is gentler on the cornea compared to LASIK.


LASIK 20mm Flap

SMILE 2mm Minimally invasive

Advantages of innovative technology that you benefit from immediately during your laser eye treatment:

  • Short treatment time of only a few seconds per eye
  • Also suitable for patients with dry eyes
  • Keyhole technology (incision of 2 mm) and thus rapid healing
  • For myopia up to minus 10 diopters
  • For astigmatism
  • Suitable for patients with thin cornea, corneal stability is maintained
  • no corneal flap
  • Protection of the corneal nerves and prevention of eye dryness

How does SMILE Pro work?

Until now, refractive correction has usually involved the surgeon first cutting a flap, which was then folded back to remove corneal tissue point by point. SMILE Pro now enables laser vision correction without a corneal flap and thus minimally invasive.

1. Creation of the lenticle and the incision

The first step with the VisuMax 800 is to create a refractive lenticule and a small incision of no more than two to three millimeters in the intact cornea, which can be done almost independently of the surrounding conditions and corneal condition.

2. Removal of the lenticle

In the second step, the lenticle is removed through the created incision. Since no flap is cut, this is only a minimal intervention in the biomechanics of the cornea.

3. Rehabilitation

Removal of the lenticle changes the cornea to achieve the desired refractive change.


Here are the answers to the questions that we are mostly asked about Smile Pro.

Is SMILE Pro treatment safer than LASIK?

The corneal opening with the SMILE Pro method is significantly smaller (2 mm) than with LASIK (20 mm). The cornea remains stable and the tear flow remains intact.

No flap complications
Although flap complications are very rare with a LASIK incision, they are completely eliminated with SMILE Pro treatment due to the keyhole technology.
SMILE Pro even for dry eyes

With the SMILE Pro procedure, the surgeons work with the so-called keyhole technology. The cornea remains stable and the tear flow is hardly disturbed compared to LASIK.

Corneal stability is preserved

For the SMILE Pro laser procedure, only a tiny opening in the uppermost corneal layer of about 2 mm is necessary (keyhole technology). In comparison, with conventional LASIK, a flap of about 20 mm is prepared.

100% femtosecond technology
The SMILE Pro procedure uses solely a femtosecond laser (VisuMax from Zeiss). Femtosecond technology is considered worldwide to be the most modern, safest and most precise method for the correction of refractive errors.
Also suitable for patients who have not previously been able to have their eyes lasered
The SMILE Pro procedure is even suitable for patients with higher refractive errors, thinner corneas or dry eyes. Thus, myopic patients up to -10 diopters can be treated with the SMILE Pro procedure. With Femto-LASIK, treatment was only recommended up to a maximum of -8 diopters. A thinner cornea (min. 480 micrometers) is also not a problem, because the cornea remains fully intact with the SMILE Pro procedure and the tissue removal is not as deep. Since, in contrast to Femto-LASIK, the nerves in the uppermost layer of the cornea, which are necessary for the regulation of the tear film, are largely preserved, the risk of dry eyes after the operation is also reduced. Another advantage: Pain or a strong foreign body sensation on the cornea is hardly to be expected with SMILE Pro, since the laser treatment takes place inside the cornea.

SMILE® PRO - Laser Vision Correction in Ludhiana

Dhami Eye Care Hospital has launched ReLEx SMILE PRO – (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction), the world’s first and only robotic laser surgery, offering a minimally invasive and highly precise solution to correct myopia (near sightedness) in less than 10 seconds.

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